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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National Parks Infrastructure/ Medicaid Expansion/ Developmental Center/ MT Revenue/ Tax Cuts & Crime Lab/ Hantavirus

Missoulian: As they enter 2nd century, national parks need $11.5 billion in repairs
National Park Service Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Justifications
“In 2016, the National Park Service will celebrate 100 years as steward of the nation’s most cherished natural and cultural resources. As the keeper of 405 park units, 23 national scenic and national historic trails, and 60 wild and scenic rivers, NPS is charged with preserving these lands and historic features that were designated by the nation for their cultural and historic significance, scenic and environmental worth, and educational and recreational opportunities. Additionally, NPS further helps the nation protect resources for public enjoyment that are not part of the National Park System through its financial and technical assistance programs.”

Missoulian: UM reports hantavirus case in Missoula County
CDC Fact Sheet
Facts About Hantaviruses
“People get HPS when they breath in hantaviruses. This can happen when rodent urine and droppings that contain a hantavirus are stirred up into the air. People can also become infected when they touch mouse or rat urine, droppings, or nesting materials that contain the virus and then touch their eyes, nose, or mouth. They can also get HPS from a mouse or rat bite.”

Monday, March 23, 2015

Indecent Exposure/ Gun Bills/ Wisconsin Voter ID/ Funding for STEM

Statement on Photo ID Law Status
“Following Monday's decision from the U.S. Supreme Court not to hear an appeal of Wisconsin's voter ID cases, the Government Accountability Board is awaiting direction from the Wisconsin Department of Justice in anticipation of future action by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals on implementation of Wisconsin's Voter Photo ID Law.”

“The announcements being made today include, among others:

  • $150 million philanthropic effort  to empower a diverse cadre of promising early-career scientists to stay on track to become scientific leaders of tomorrow;
  • $90 million “Let Everyone Dream” campaign to expand STEM opportunities to under-represented youth;
  • $25 million Department of Education competition to create science and literacy themed media that inspires students to explore;
  • 120 universities and colleges committing to train 20,000 engineers to tackle the “Grand Challenges” of 21stcentury; and,
  • CEO coalition Change the Equation committing expand effective STEM programs to an additional 1.5 million students this year.”

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Publishing Meetings/ Medical Marijuana/ Medicaid Expansion/ Glacier NP/ Smith River Bears/ Nuclear Talks

Missoulian: Food storage mandatory at Smith River State Park in 2016
Be Bear Aware
“The Smith River flows through black bear habitat and there is a history of bear activity in and around the boat camps. Floaters need to be diligent about bear safety including proper storage of food, garbage and other attractants to minimize human-black bear conflicts for not only public safety, but also for the well being of area black bears.”

MIssoulian: Draft nuclear deal would cap Iran's uranium centrifuges at 6,000 for decade or more
Extension of Iran Nuclear Talks
 “This effort remains as intense as it is important, and we have come a long way in a short period of time. Less than a year ago, President Obama and Iranian President Rouhani spoke for the first time to try to usher in a new diplomatic moment, and I held the first bilateral meeting between a Secretary of State and an Iranian Foreign Minister in more than three decades.”
Briefing on Iran Nuclear Negotiations