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Monday, September 18, 2017

Trumpeter Swans

Trumpeter Swan - Cygnus buccinator
“Trumpeter Swans are the largest waterfowl in North America. They can be up to 5 feet in length, have a wingspan up to 80 inches (almost 7 feet) and weigh over 20 pounds. Males are larger than females, but otherwise the sexes are similar in appearance. The adult Trumpeter Swan is entirely white, although the head and neck are sometimes stained an orange color due to iron-rich waters and mud where they forage for food.”

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Glacier Evacuation, Ban on Russian Software, Goodbye Cassini

Montana InciWeb:  Sprague Fire
“An evacuation WARNING has been issued by Glacier National Park and the Flathead County Sheriff's Department.
With the forecasted weather change tonight, and its potential effects on fire behavior, the Flathead County Sheriff, Glacier National Park officials, and the Thompson Fire Incident Management Team are issuing an evacuation WARNING for the following areas:
Apgar area within Glacier National Park, including Apgar campground and Apgar village
Portions of West Glacier including West Glacier village, Highline Blvd. neighborhood, Golf Course neighborhood, Wild River Dr. / Grouse Ridge Rd. neighborhood, and west toward Sloan Lane neighborhood.”

DHS Statement on the Issuance of Binding Operational Directive 17-01
“The BOD calls on departments and agencies to identify any use or presence of Kaspersky products on their information systems in the next 30 days, to develop detailed plans to remove and discontinue present and future use of the products in the next 60 days, and at 90 days from the date of this directive, unless directed otherwise by DHS based on new information, to begin to implement the agency plans to discontinue use and remove the products from information systems.”

Cassini in front of Saturn. Image from NASA

“NASA's Cassini spacecraft is on final approach to Saturn, following confirmation by mission navigators that it is on course to dive into the planet’s atmosphere on Friday, Sept. 15. Cassini is ending its 13-year tour of the Saturn system with an intentional plunge into the planet to ensure Saturn's moons – in particular Enceladus, with its subsurface ocean and signs of hydrothermal activity – remain pristine for future exploration.”

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hurricanes, and Montana Fires

Montana InciWeb
Smoke Outlook September 11, 2017
Released: 36 min. ago
Incident: Lolo Peak Fire
“Smoke: West to northwest winds of about 7-10 mph with gusts up to 15 mph are anticipated today. Smoke is expected to locally impact communities downwind from fires. A high pressure ridge is moving...”

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Harlequin Duck, DACA

NPS Photo

“On June 15, 2012, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced that certain people who came to the United States as children and meet several guidelines may request consideration of deferred action for a period of two years, subject to renewal. They are also eligible for work authorization. Deferred action is a use of prosecutorial discretion to defer removal action against an individual for a certain period of time. Deferred action does not provide lawful status.”