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Friday, August 22, 2014

Interest Rate in Jackson Hole/ Fitbit Data Sales

Chair Janet L. Yellen. At the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Economic Symposium, Jackson Hole
“In the five years since the end of the Great Recession, the economy has made considerable progress in recovering from the largest and most sustained loss of employment in the United States since the Great Depression.1 More jobs have now been created in the recovery than were lost in the downturn, with payroll employment in May of this year finally exceeding the previous peak in January 2008. Job gains in 2014 have averaged 230,000 a month, up from the 190,000 a month pace during the preceding two years. The unemployment rate, at 6.2 percent in July, has declined nearly 4 percentage points from its late 2009 peak. Over the past year, the unemployment rate has fallen considerably, and at a surprisingly rapid pace. These developments are encouraging, but it speaks to the depth of the damage that, five years after the end of the recession, the labor market has yet to fully recover. ”

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer revealed today that personal health and fitness data – so rich that an individual can be identified by their gait – is being gathered and stored by fitness bracelets like ‘FitBit’ and others like it, and can potentially be sold to third parties, like employers, insurance providers and other companies, without the users’ knowledge or consent. Schumer said that this creates a privacy nightmare, given that these fitness trackers gather highly personal information on steps per day, sleep patterns, calories burned, and GPS locations. Users often input private health information like blood pressure, weight and more. The data is then uploaded for analysis and feedback for the user. There are currently no federal protections to prevent those developers from then selling that data to a third party without the wearer’s consent.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

CSKT Land Buyback/ BoA $17B Settlement

Secretary Jewell Issues Secretarial Order Affirming American Indian Trust Responsibilities
“This Order reaffirms the Department’s obligations and demonstrates our continuing commitment to upholding the important federal trust responsibility for Indian Country,” said Secretary Jewell, who chairs the White House Council on Native American Affairs. “The landmark Cobell Settlement and resolution of nearly 80 other tribal trust management lawsuits under President Obama launched a new chapter in federal trust relations with tribes and individual Indian beneficiaries and reflects our dedication to strengthen the government-to-government relationship with tribal leaders.”

Missoulian: Bank of America agrees to nearly $17B settlement
Bank of America to Pay $16.65 Billion in Historic Justice Department Settlement for Financial Fraud Leading up to and During the Financial Crisis
“Attorney General Eric Holder and Associate Attorney General Tony West announced today that the Department of Justice has reached a $16.65 billion settlement with Bank of America Corporation – the largest civil settlement with a single entity in American history ¬— to resolve federal and state claims against Bank of America and its former and current subsidiaries, including Countrywide Financial Corporation and Merrill Lynch.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Arctic Grayling/ Yosemite Fire/ Airstrikes in Iraq/ Navy Nuke Cheating

Missoulian: Arctic grayling won’t receive federal protection
Private Landowners Keep Arctic Grayling from Needing Federal Protection
“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today its finding that the Upper Missouri River Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of the Arctic grayling does not warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Service reached this conclusion after analyzing the significant conservation efforts carried out by private landowners as well as federal and state agency partners to improve conditions for Arctic grayling in the Upper Missouri River basin.”

NNPP Addresses Integrity Issue at Nuclear power Training Unit
The recommendations of the investigation into command climate matters are being adopted for implementation across the NNPP. These actions are in progress. These measures will involve a renewed and deliberate command focus on the matter of enhancing ethical behavior across the Program and will include new training on ethics and integrity, and a specific command focus and reporting requirement of actions to enhance the ethical climate of their commands. Those measures that have broader application to the Navy will be provided to the Navy Leadership and Ethics Center in Newport, RI for consideration for broader application.