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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Taking Requests

What are the stories that interest you the most? 
Did you see a story and now you want to know where they found their information? 
Ask in the comments and we’ll look for their sources! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Air Ambulance Charges / Badger-Two Medicine / Blackfoot Travel Plan / Cabinet Nominations

Missoulian: Final energy leases canceled on Badger-Two Medicine land
Interior Department Cancels Remaining Oil and Gas Leases in Montana’s Badger-Two Medicine Area
“We are proud to have worked alongside the Blackfeet Nation and the U.S. Forest Service throughout this process to roll back decades-old leases and reinforce the importance of developing resources in the right way and the right places.” said Secretary Jewell. “The cancellation of the final two leases in the rich cultural and natural Badger-Two Medicine Area will ensure it is protected for future generations.”

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

BLM Horse Populations / Endangered Bumble Bee / Harriet Tubman National Historical Park / Montana Legislative Bills

Missoulian: Rusty patched bumblebee declared endangered
Rusty Patched Bumble Bee (Bombus affinis)
“As pollinators, rusty patched bumble bees contribute to our food security and the healthy functioning of our ecosystems. Bumble bees are keystone species in most ecosystems, necessary not only for native wildflower reproduction, but also for creating seeds and fruits that feed wildlife as diverse as songbirds and grizzly bears.”

“The new park commemorates the work of the fearless Underground Railroad conductor during her later years in life, when she was an active proponent of womens’ suffrage and other causes. The park is located at the site where Tubman lived and worshiped in Auburn, New York, caring for family members and other formerly enslaved people seeking safe haven in the North.”

Montana Bills in the News:

HB 32: Revise school funding related to special education 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Reforming Montana's State Public Defender / Air Ambulance Bills

HB 46  Generally revising funding for civil legal aid
HB 57   DPHHS to determine eligibility for state public defender services
HB 58  Require public defender workload assessment study
HB 59  Revise appointment of public defender for putative father in neglect cases

LC1852 Generally revise liens and exemptions for certain debt from air ambulance bills

LC1853 Revise credit reporting laws for air ambulance debt from balance billing