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Friday, July 7, 2017

Montana Fire, New CDC Director, Right to Record Police, Free Speech

Montana InciWeb: July Fire
“EVACUATION NOTICE: The evacuation notice for Landusky area residents is still in place. The team will be working closely with the county sheriff department to assess fire-related risks. The county sheriff office will allow homeowners back into the community as soon as it is deemed safe. As of 11 pm on July 6th, one outbuilding near Landusky was destroyed by the fire but no other structures were severely affected. Public Information Officers will be providing updates and more information on the status of evacuated properties as the information becomes available.”

Secretary Price Appoints Brenda Fitzgerald, M.D., as CDC Director and ATSDR Administrator
“Dr. Fitzgerald has been the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) and state health officer for the past six years. She replaces Dr. Anne Schuchat, who has been the acting CDC director and acting ATSDR administrator since January 20. Dr. Schuchat is returning to her role as CDC’s principal deputy director.”

“This case involves retaliation. Richard Fields and Amanda Geraci attempted to record Philadelphia police officers carrying out official duties in public and were retaliated against even though the Philadelphia Police Department’s official policies recognized that “[p]rivate individuals have a First Amendment right to observe and record police officers engaged in the public discharge of their duties.” J.A. 1187. No party contested the existence of the First Amendment right. Yet the District Court concluded that neither Plaintiff had engaged in First Amendment activity because the conduct—the act of recording—was not sufficiently expressive. However, this case is not about whether Plaintiffs expressed themselves through conduct. It is whether they have a First Amendment right of access to information about how our public servants operate in public.”

SC19717 - State v. Baccala

“Held that the defendant’s conviction of breach of the peace in the second degree on the basis of pure speech constituted a violation of the first amendment to the United States constitution, as the defendant’s speech, unaccompanied by threats, did not fall within the narrow category of unprotected fighting words…” SC19717 Concurrence - State v. Baccala

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Montana Quake, Heat Advisory, Hobby Lobby Smuggling

The USGS has up-to-date details on the July 6, 2017 event.
“A magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck western Montana near northwest Helena, on July 6, 2017 at 12:30 a.m. local time.
Visit the USGS event page for more information. For estimates of casualties and damage, visit the USGS Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response (PAGER) website.
If you felt this earthquake, report your experience on the “USGS Did You Feel It?” website for this event.
The USGS operates a 24/7 National Earthquake Information Center in Colorado that can be reached for more information at 303-273-8500.
Learn more about the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program.”

Heat wave information from NOAA

“Impacts/Timing: The affects of the prolonged heat wave are likely to become challenging for those sensitive to hot  temperatures or who have strenuous activities planned on Friday  and Saturday. These impacts may be further enhanced by   persistent cloud cover producing much warmer than normal   overnight temperatures which will not provide nearly the typical amount of relief.”

Hobby Lobby settles $3 million civil suit for falsely labeling Cuneiform Tablets
“In October 2010, an expert on cultural property law retained by Hobby Lobby warned the company that the acquisition of cultural property likely from Iraq, including cuneiform tablets and cylinder seals, carries a risk that such objects may have been looted from archaeological sites in Iraq. The expert also advised Hobby Lobby to review its collection of antiquities for any objects of Iraqi origin and to verify that their country of origin was properly declared at the time of importation into the United States. The expert warned Hobby Lobby that an improper declaration of country of origin for cultural property could lead to seizure and forfeiture of the artifacts by CBP.”

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hunting Tags, North Korea

Revise hunting license laws related to bonus points
“The commission shall establish a bonus point system that gives an applicant who has purchased more bonus points more chances to receive a hunting license, tag, or permit over an applicant who has purchased fewer bonus points.”

Missoulian: The Latest: Pentagon says NKorea missile was new type
U.S. Condemns North Korean Missile Launch
"The launch continues to demonstrate that North Korea poses a threat to the United States and our allies," the Pentagon spokesperson said. "Together with [South Korea], we conducted a combined exercise to show our precision fire capability."

Monday, July 3, 2017

Montana Woman Suffrage, FBI and Immigrant Remains

Map showing states with suffrage, from 1917 Woman Suffrage Year Book 1917

Missoulian: Montana woman fought on the front lines for women's suffrage in 1910s
The Woman Suffrage Year Book 1917
Leading the Way: Montana Woman Suffrage and the Struggle for Equal Citizenship
“This 20 minute video will introduce Montana libraries to the portable traveling exhibit that has been created by the Mansfield Library of the University of Montana. Julie Edwards, Ethnic Studies Librarian and Diversity Coordinator, will explain what is contained in the self-standing panels that comprise the exhibit, describe the physical space needed to display the panels, and suggest some programming ideas for libraries who are interested in hosting it.”