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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Yellowstone's Steve Iobst Retiring

Steve Iobst, Deputy Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park
NPS photo by Neal Herbert

Missoulian: Yellowstone National Park top official to retire

Yellowstone Deputy Superintendent Steve Iobst to Retire
“Steven F. Iobst, deputy superintendent of Yellowstone National Park has announced his retirement after over 42 years of continuous service with the National Park Service. He will retire September 30, 2016.”

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Well Loophole/ American Pika

“The Act permits certain groundwater appropriations to be exempt from the permitting process. Relevant here, § 85-2-306(3)(a)(iii), MCA, provides an exemption when a groundwater appropriation does not exceed 35 gallons per minute and 10 acre-feet per year. However, the subsection also provides an “except[ion]” to the exemption when a “combined appropriation” from the same source by two or more wells or developed springs exceeds 10 acre-feet per year, regardless of flow rate.”